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Your Data, Our Tools, Great Results

Technology To Make the World Better

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the forefront of today’s tech, but these powerful tools are mainly deployed to build things like robot vacuums or eerily effective targeted ads. 

At Water Wheel AI, we use machine learning and AI for a larger purpose. We partner with nonprofits and social enterprises, and focus on leveraging technology to help actualize a more equitable, sustainable, and humane world. At our core, we passionately believe in the following:

  • Actuating positive social change through technology
  • Projects and products that directly translate to action and results are favored over primarily supporting analysis
  • Positive social impact is as important as shareholder value
  • Growth is a healthy byproduct of building an amazing organization, not a goal in and of itself
Our Story

Prior to founding Water Wheel AI, Trey and Erin Bean were deeply engaged in helping nonprofits develop and utilize cutting-edge software. At the last company they founded, 12 Spokes, they created a nonprofit division focussed on building custom software for nonprofit organizations of all sizes, from small local organizations like the Men’s Anti-violence Network of Utah, to large national organizations like Americorps. Trey has spent the last 5 years focussed on the Educational Technology sector, serving as an executive and leading product organizations at both Instructure and Kuali. In 2018, though, after talking to many of their friends in the social sector and seeing how many problems could be solved with technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, they decided the time was right to start another company focussed on those same ideals that have interwoven everything they’ve done as professionals.

Hence, Water Wheel AI was founded with the goal of building products and providing direct services for the social sector. While the primary focus is on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Water Wheel AI also provides custom software development services—it is 2019, afterall, and any software built today should have those technologies either baked in or at least crafted with them in mind.