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When you need something built just right...
Fundraising Forecasts
Tired of launching fundraising campaigns and not having a good idea of how much revenue they will generate? Working with your past campaign and donor data, we can build predictive models to help you more accurately predict the results of your fundraising efforts.
Machine Learning
Often, the biggest need for an organization is having more automated predictive power over something that is unique to that organization. We partner with organizations to build and deploy custom Machine Learning models to solve their specific problems, whether it's predicting the needed capacity at a local food bank or analyzing support hotline conversations to ensure the proper resources are being dedicated to the right callers.
Constituent Segmentation
You know the success of your organization is achieved through the efforts and participation of a wide group of supporters, from volunteers, members, and donors to vocal supporters on social media. But do you understand at a detailed level what makes up and inspires each of those groups and segments within them? Let us work with you to analyze your constituent data to help you better understand your supporters, so you can more effectively activate them and lead your organization to better success.
Software Development
While not purely AI, we've been building software for decades. If you need a custom web or mobile application architected from the beginning with artificial intelligence and machine learning in mind, give us a call.